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New Patients
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What can you expect on your first visit to Crown Valley Chiro Care? After taking a complete case history to review important aspects of your health, a thorough examination will be conducted.

Based on your examination findings, X-rays or other types of diagnostic imaging may be necessary. These images can help reveal pathologies, document the history of your spinal health and guide your doctor in creating a care program based on your unique spinal condition. Crown Valley Chiro Care utilizes equipment called SEMG (Surface Electromyography). Read more about this process below.

If your spine and central nervous system is determined to be "abnormal", corrective chiropractic adjustments will be recommended. There are three stages of chiropractic care. Initial Intensive Care is for pain or symptom management. Rehabilitative or Corrective Care is for improved function and spinal changes. Wellness or Elective Care is for non-symptomatic or preventative care measures. How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment today and take advantage of this special internet offer!

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The SEMG Exam:

SEMG Exam Images

SEMG stands for Surface Electromyography. SEMG is a device which measures the amount of electrical activity your muscles release when they are contracting, more commonly known as muscle tension.

Muscles have a tendency to "brace" in response to spinal misalignments known as Vertebral Subluxations. Vertebral Subluxations reduce your body's ability to maintain optimal health. The Chiropractor's job is to detect and correct these Vertebral Subluxations by a simple and effective procedure called an "adjustment".
SEMG Exam 1SEMG Exam 2SEMG Exam 3SEMG Exam 4


Our office participates in many insurance programs. We also accept auto accident liens and workers compensation cases. To find out if your insurance covers chiropractic care, you can call our office or schedule your free consultation at 949-364-1904. We offer everyone a free no obligation consultation.

For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged.


Family Care"Chiropractic care for my child? Why? Her back doesn't bother her.? Often chiropractors have encountered parents who appreciate the importance of regular checkups for their children's teeth, hearing and vision, but draw a blank when it comes to a spinal checkup. that is distressing because a spinal checkup could be one of the most important checkups your children will ever have! The reason it's so important is because your children's spines protect their spinal cords, an extension of their brains. The spinal cord contains billions of nerve fibers that send messages and energy to every part of their bodies.

For decades parents, clinicians and researchers have noticed positive changes in not only physical health, but have also seen behavioral and emotional improvements in children under chiropractic care. Being free of blockages to the flow of energy and information over his or her nervous system can make a big difference in your child's physical and emotional health.

More and more families are finding that periodic chiropractic spinal checkups for their children make a big difference in their health. why not include chiropractic checkups as part of your family's health care? To learn more about family chiropractic care, contact our office.

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Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Because of the dynamics and physics involved in car accidents, Chiropractic is the superior type of treatment for these types of injuries. Just like the automobile is dented and forced out of alignment, the human body can also be misaligned by external forces.

Simply taking drugs to mask the pain is a huge mistake that many people make. Unfortunately, only the symptoms are treated while the underlying cause of the condition is ignored and gets worse over time. If the misaligned body is not corrected, we see many degenerative conditions develop later in life that are permanent with no cure.

Your spine is one of a kind and can't be replaced. If you are ever involved in an auto accident, no matter how big or small the impact, it is a wise decision to be checked by a qualified Chiropractor.

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Preventative Care

More information coming soon!

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Spinal Aid Centers of America (Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression)

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One of the most common, debilitating and difficult to treat spinal problems is a herniated, bulging, or degenerating discs. This condition can lead to chronic lower back problems, stenosis, sciatica, back and leg pain, and if uncorrected, leg weakness and debilitation.

Many people have been told "nothing can be done" to help their problem. Epidural injections and even surgery are given as remedies. Of course it is well-known these treatments are often completely ineffective if not harmful (most back surgeries are not only unnecessary, but are unsuccessful after 5 years...meaning the patient has the same, if not worse, pain than before).

Non-surgical spinal decompression is truly a breakthrough procedure in helping people become pain free without drugs or surgery.

When pressure builds up inside the disc, it causes bulging of the jelly-like disc material. With increasing or prolonged pressure, it often leads to a disc rupture or herniation which spills out the disc material.

Here is a brief summary:
The bulging or spilled out disc material is what puts pressure on the nerves and other structures that cause pain. This pain can travel into the buttocks and down the legs or into the toes. It can cause numbness and also lead to dysfunction.

Spinal Aid ProcedureDecompression relieves pain by creating a vacuum type suction which reverses the high pressure inside the disc (high intra-disc pressure) and draws the bulging or herniated material back into the disc. This procedure is called non-surgical Spinal Decompression and is proven successful in 86% of patients with herniated discs. This is truly a medical breakthrough and is available at Crown Valley Chiro Care.

Learn More About the Spinal Aid Procedure

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Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Food

More information coming soon!

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Sports Injuries

Dr. DeMoss is a member of the United States Olympic Committee. He has post-graduate studies in the treatment of sports injuries. Being involved in sports all his life, he understands the dynamics of sports injuries. Many world class athletes get regular chiropractic treatment at Crown Valley Chiro Care.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is healing, balancing, stress reducing and therapeutic. It is a preventative as well as a curative medicine and should be a part of your health regimen. It improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and reminds you that it is good to be ALIVE!

Crown Valley Chiro Care has both 30 and 60 minute appointments available. Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.
Massage Therapy
Cancelled and Missed Appointments

Please understand that your time commitments begins at the moment you reserve a massage. If you cannot keep your appointment, please call 24 hours in advance so that someone else can have that appointment time.

Cancellations made within 24 hours will be charged at the full rate per time scheduled (medical emergencies excluded).

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